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At 1AF Multi Services we offer a wide range of building services for both new build properties and properties that require renovations or refurbishment.  The depth and breadth of our skill set is extensive, we have been in the building trade for nearly 40 years!

When it comes to specialist building services, such as gas and electrics, we have a network of trusted tradesmen that we work with.  We will manage the logistics of getting these specialists on site at the right time and instruct them on the work required, ensuring we keep the impact on your time to a minimum.


Off trend bathroom or kitchen tiles?  Cracked bathroom tiles causing risk of water ingress and damage?

Whether your bathroom or kitchen is in need of a more “on-trend” tile style or colour or you are concerned about the impact of cracked tiles, whatever your reason for tiling your home come to us. Through discussions with you, we can advise on the right type of material and style of tile most suitable for the area to be tiled. Once the size is known the number of tiles required, plus some extra for cutting and wastage, can be calculated.

1AF Multi Services has experience in fitting a wide range of tiles to walls and floors including ceramic, stone, marble and glass.

Ready to request a quote for your tiling project?

Complete our simple contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient date and time.

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