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Why Work with 1AF Multi Services

Welcome to 1AF Multi Services. My name is Jorge Alves and I am a builder with nearly 40 years of experience in the building trade. I started working on a building site in my native country of Portugal when I was 15 years old and soon began to learn a multitude of skills. 


In Portugal, builders are expected to have the competence to undertake all aspects of construction - from building, plastering and painting walls to installing and tiling kitchens and bathrooms. It is a very different approach to the UK.  Here you generally have to involve several different trades to get a building job completed.

I ran my own building company in Portugal for 25 years before moving to Haverhill in 2015 and setting up 1AF Multi Services.  


For the last 6 years, I have worked with customers across West Suffolk and South Cambridgeshire, delivering the highest standard of completed building projects and customer satisfaction.  Read my testimonials to see what my customers have to say.

By just doing the simple things that so many tradespeople seem to fail to get right, my aim is to create a different experience for my customers.  Turning up on time, never overcharging and spending the time to listen to what the customer really wants. Take a new kitchen as an example. A kitchen is far more than an investment in some new cupboards, worktops and appliances. People want to create a living space for their family; somewhere they can create wonderful food, spend time together and make memories.  It is my job to understand what they want and ensure it can be delivered to their expectations. 

Choose 1AF Multi Services to transform your home with stunning craftsmanship and enjoy a different type of customer experience.

Jorge Alves

Our promise to you

No “amanha” * here - reliability is in our DNA

The biggest bugbear that people have when dealing with builders and tradesmen in general, is unreliability.  There are countless horror stories relayed on social media, down the pub or even standing at the school gates.  Having an extension built, a patio laid, a new kitchen or bathroom installed or just painting and decorating - the complexity or the scope of the work is irrelevant. It seems like everyone knows someone who has had a bad experience when trying to get home improvements carried out and it generally starts with the builder not turning up as promised!

When we say we will be with you, we absolutely will.  No delays, no excuses – just good old-fashioned dependability, a rare trait we know. 

* tomorrow in Portuguese

S is for…

The only “s words” around here are superior and satisfaction.  Forget shoddy, it is not in our vocabulary! From the customer experience we provide to the quality of building services we deliver, superiority and satisfaction underpin everything we do. Read our testimonials[eC1]  to find out more.

A “rip-off” free zone

Another area of concern for anyone looking to employ the services of a builder is the worry of being ripped off – charged too much, the job not carried out to the specification, substandard materials used instead of what was agreed and paid for. Our promise is that we will be honest and transparent in all our dealings with you.  1AF Multi Services has a reputation to uphold, a reputation that we are proud of and there is no way we are going to blow it over trying to fleece you for a few pounds! 

No surprises

When we initially come to estimate for a job we will discuss with you any issues that we feel may arise that could potentially cause a problem.  With the best will in the world, there are occasions when we are midway into a project and discover that it requires more work than initially thought.  At this point we will show you the problem, explain the rectification required and any additional cost.  There will never be any surprises in our final bill to you. 


We do it all…

Builders in the UK operate differently, they tend to specialise in just one aspect of building – brickwork, or laying patios and decking or tiling, or painting and decorating. In Portugal builders learn all the skills required to transform a property. 

Our skillset is extensive and customers are always surprised that we can competently turn our hand to anything.  This has many benefits. Projects can generally be completed quicker as we are not waiting on other tradesmen and fewer people need to be working in your property – a real bonus in these days of social distancing.

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